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What is Euan’s Guide?

Euan’s Guide features disabled access reviews written by disabled people, their family and friends. The site was founded by Euan MacDonald and his sister Kiki MacDonald. Euan is a powerchair user and was bored of going to the same places to meet friends or watch the rugby. Over the years, he had gotten to know lots of places with good disabled access in his hometown of Edinburgh and he wanted to share his knowledge with other people. So he created a website to do just that!

EuansGuide.com has reviews of accessible places across the UK and beyond. However, we need more people to help us by writing reviews. The more reviews we have on the site, the easier it will become for disabled people to find new places to go.

How do I review?

You simply need to register on the site with your email address and then fill out a short online questionnaire. We will ask questions about the staff, transport, toilets and the disabled access in general. You can write as much or as little as you like. Just knowing that someone else has visited there in a powerchair or used the Changing Places Toilet can be hugely helpful. We aim to ‘remove the fear of the unknown’ when visiting somewhere for the first time.

Do you have reviews of Changing Places Toilets?

Yes! Changing Places Toilets are awesome. On Euan's Guide, you can search for reviews of Changing Places and find accessible attractions to visit near them. If you've visited a Changing Places and thought of something that was missing (like a seat for a carer or hygienic paper roll for the table), write a review and we'll pass your feedback on to the venue. Hopefully by telling venues how awesome Changing Places are, we'll encourage more attractions to install them.

Where should I review?

Anywhere you like! We need reviews of fun places to go, like cinemas and pubs, but we also need reviews of everyday essentials, like Post Offices and train stations.

Got a question?

If you have a question or a suggestion, we would love to hear from you! You can email us at hello@euansguide.com or you can call us on (+44) 0131 510 5106.

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