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Welcome to Euan's Guide

Euan's Guide features disabled access reviews from disabled people and their friends and families.

"The aim of Euan’s Guide is to empower disabled people by providing information that will give confidence and choices for getting out and about. Euan’s Guide is an alternative to hours of web searching and phone calls and, most importantly, removes the ‘fear of the unknown’ when visiting a venue for the first time." Euan MacDonald, Founder of Euan's Guide

As well as tourism and entertainment venues such as hotels, restaurants, bars, theatres & visitor attractions, Euan’s Guide features disabled access reviews of any place that is visited as part of everyday life such as post offices, railway stations, supermarkets and many others. Search to find a venue in your area and, if there isn’t one, write a review for the first one now!

The website went live in November 2013 so we are still in the early days. Please write a review today so that we can create a knowledge bank that disabled people and their families and friends can use to search and plan visits with confidence.

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