Euan’s Guide are committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability. We're a website all about physical accessibility so we're also working hard to ensure that we have virtual accessibility. 

Access Keys

Euan’s Guide use access keys on the website to assist users in getting from one part of the page to another.

Our Access Keys are:

1 = Home
2 = Navigation
3 = Content
4 = Search
5 = Sitemap
6 = Accessibility

Accessing the Access Keys

The key presses for accessing a shortcut key varies according to the operating system and the Internet Browser used. However, in most browsers the shortcut can be set to another combination of keys.

To help visitors we have put together this list of the common default ways of accessing the shortcut key.

Internet Browser




Internet Explorer

[Alt] + Access Key




[Alt] + Access Key

[Alt] + Access Key

[Ctrl] [Alt] + Access Key


[Alt] [Shift] + Access Key

[Alt] [Shift] + Access Key

[Ctrl] [Alt] + Access Key


[Alt] + Access Key


[Ctrl] [Alt] + Access Key

If the website has used the same access key for more than one element of the site the behaviour can differ. In Internet Explorer and Firefox the next element with the pressed access key will be activated. In Chrome and Safari the last element with the pressed access key will be activated.

BSL Video

You will notice that we are not currently featuring a British Sign Language video on the site. We plan to add a BSL video to explain the overview of the site soon.

Video Reviews & BSL Reviews

We can accept BSL reviews - to submit a BSL review, please film it and then upload to Youtube or Vimeo. Please then submit a review as normal and paste the link when prompted. NB we are currently looking at ways to send us the movie files directly.

Eye Gaze Technology Users

We have developed some bespoke buttons for navigation around Google Maps designed specifically for eye gaze technology users. If you have any feedback then please do let us know.

Alternative Formats

We have a range of Alternative Formats available, you can find out more by visiting