How to Respond to the Alarm

How to Respond to the Alarm image How to Respond to the Alarm image

We recommend creating your own staff briefing on how you want staff to respond to the alarm. The following are a few of the things which we’d suggest you include in the briefing:

  • Staff should respond to the alarm as quickly as possible.
  • On approaching the WC the staff member should first knock on the door to check if the person inside is responding and, if so, if assistance is still required. 
  • They should try asking if it is safe for them to open the door.
  • The staff member should then open the door. This will likely require opening the door from the outside when it has been locked on the inside, so staff should have been shown how to safely do this.
  • As someone is responding to the situation, staff can turn off the alarm if it is safe to do so.