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We’d love it if you could share the message and let everyone know you are taking part in this important campaign to improve the safety of accessible toilets. When talking about your involvement on social media please use #RedCordCampaign and #WorldToiletDay in your posts. You can also tag us in your posts, you’ll find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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Suggested Posts

The following are some suggested messages for sharing on social media before World Toilet Day, on World Toilet Day and after World Toilet Day.

Before World Toilet Day:

We're taking part in the #RedCordCampaign on #WorldToiletDay. We’ll be testing our red emergency cords to check they are working correctly in our accessible toilets. Find out how you could get involved by visiting

We want to make sure all our customers feel safe which is why we are taking part in the #RedCordCampaign on #WorldToiletDay (on Tuesday 19th November). 

On World Toilet Day:

Don’t be alarmed if our red emergency cord alarm goes off today! We’re testing our alarm this #WorldToiletDay as part of the #RedCordCampaign designed to make accessible toilets safer.

It’s #WorldToiletDay and today we’re making sure our disabled visitors feel safe when they are using our accessible toilets. We’ll be checking to see if the red emergency cord is working correctly and reminding staff what to do if the alarm goes off. #RedCordCampaign

We’re taking part in the #RedCordCampaign today! We’ll be testing that all the red emergency cords in our accessible toilets are working as they should be this #WorldToiletDay.

After World Toilet Day: 

We took part in the #RedCordCampaign on #WorldToiletDay and now we’ll be carrying out regular checks going forward to make sure the red emergency cord in our accessible toilets can be used by anyone who requires assistance.

We took part in the #RedCordCampaign on #WorldToiletDay and now we’d like your views on our accessible loos! Please leave us a disabled access review on @EuansGuide #ReviewsInTheLoos