Surprising ways to donate

Euan's Guide is a charity registered in Scotland, and there are many ways that you can help us out! Donations help us to spread the word about disabled access reviews, and also to keep up with the fast moving world of tech and accessibility. There are ways you can donate without even noticing - especially if you like to shop online! Here's our guide to raising funds for Euan's Guide:

Fundraise with an event

Holding an event or doing an activity is a fun way to raise money and one of the most rewarding! You could hold a bake sale, join a running event, or do something new that you've always wanted to try! There are lots of ideas on our Virgin Money Giving page where you can get inspired and track your donations. 

Easy Fundraising

Did you know that you can donate money without actually reaching into your pocket? Shopping at your favourite online stores through lets you donate to charities without actually spending more than your purchase - we like the sound of that! Find out more >>


If you enjoy selling items on Ebay, did you know that you can choose to donate a little of your final selling price to a charity of your choice? The good news is, Ebay will waive a percentage of your fees based on how much you give away! Find out how it works >>

Nectar Cards

What's a Nectar point really worth? Well, it turns out donating Nectar points to charities can make quite a difference! This is another easy way to give to a cause without stretching your budget. 

I'd just like to donate

If you like what we do and want to support our work, we can also take direct donations! Donate to Euan's Guide >>

Thank you!