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The Euan’s Guide Access Survey found that 81% of respondents had problems finding or using accessible parking bays. Disabled Motoring UK’s Campaigns and Communications Director, Heidi Turner, shares DMUK’s thought on what might be done improve this situation?

The statistic revealed by The Euan’s Guide Access Survey is not a surprise to us at Disabled Motoring UK (DMUK) and we have long campaigned for better and properly managed parking for disabled people. Being able to find accessible parking is the key to independence for disabled people and improving parking is one of DMUK’s major campaigns.

Abuse of Blue Badge scheme and disabled parking is common, and it is imperative that parking operators and local authorities enforce the scheme properly by making sure that genuine Blue Badge holders are the only people parking in disabled spaces. Every year we are disappointed by most local authority’s attitudes to enforcing the Blue Badge scheme. In the latest set of Blue Badge statistics released by Department for Transport (DfT) it was stated that 74% of local authorities had a policy that they would prosecute Blue Badge abusers. However, the reality is that of this number only 44% actually prosecuted any abusers of the scheme. For many local authorities this policy just ticks a box on a piece of paper and does not practically help disabled people.

What we would like to see

DMUK would like to see all local authorities enforcing the scheme properly. This means Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) inspecting more Blue Badges to make sure their genuine, valid, and most importantly that the Blue Badge holder is present. The majority of abuse cases are a person using a badge when it doesn’t belong to them, this often is a family member or friend of the Blue Badge holder. This also implies that education surrounding the scheme and it’s uses needs to improve. It is the responsibility of the Blue Badge holder to make sure it is used only by themselves. They run the risk of having their Blue Badge withdrawn and cancelled if their badge is found being used by somebody else.

Disabled Parking Accreditation

The Disabled Parking Accreditation (DPA) is not-for-profit parking accreditation, certified by the Intellectual Property Office, and run by DMUK and the British Parking Association. To gain the DPA a car park must meet criteria which include accessible bays, clear signage, ease of access, good lighting, easy entry to the car park, accessible payment machines, alternative payment methods and bay enforcement. This accreditation aims to drive up parking standards and we welcome private operators and local authorities to apply to show their commitment to disabled people. For more information, please visit

Disabled Motoring UK

Disabled Motoring UK is the charity which supports disabled drivers, passengers, and Blue Badge holders. We work with government and business across the UK in order to improve parking, refuelling and access provision for disabled people, so they can access the goods and services they need.

DMUK is a membership organisation and relies on its members for its campaigning voice. The more members we have the stronger we can be. Membership is only £2.50 per month!  If you’d like to find out more about our work and membership, please visit

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