Accessible green spaces in the UK’s greenest cities

Photo of people relaxing in a park.

Accessible green spaces in the UK’s greenest cities

Recently, a study revealed a list of the UK’s most ‘thriving locations’ in terms of their low impact to the environment. One of the aspects looked at were the number and quality of green spaces in these cities. We think these are an excellent feature to a city and below we’ve compiled a list of accessible green spaces for you to enjoy in some of these cities.

Bristol: Windmill Hill City Farm

Photo of the City Farm.This city farm is a community-led initiative that saw a piece of wasteland turned into a space to grow a garden, have a picnic or get involved in recreational and therapeutic activities. The ‘fully accessible’ farm is in a step-free area, making it ‘easy’ for mobility aid users to get around.

Glasgow: Botanic Gardens

Photo taken in the glasshouse at Glasgow Botanic Gardens.

This council run gardens feature spaces to relax and bask in the sun or learn about its plants, trees and flowers. The 4.5-star review highlights the ‘wide’ paths with ‘gentle slopes’ where you can read some ‘interesting information’ and see ‘great displays’. A major element are the ‘amazing’ greenhouses, where you can see the ‘magnificent carnivorous plants’ and begonias.

York: Moorlands Nature Reserve

Photo of an accessible woodland path at Moorlands Nature Reserve.

If you fancy escaping the city, Moorlands Nature Reserve is a good choice for a short trip. The ‘largely flat’ circular path takes you on a tour of the ancient Galtres forest, its wildlife and some ponds. An Euan’s Guide reviewer said there is ‘excellent’ wheelchair access, although they recommend to beware of rainy days, when the paths might become muddy.

Another reviewer really like this ‘fantastic’ place as it has ‘plenty’ of benches to rest and admire the surroundings. They also mentioned that, being a reserve, there are no loos in the area.

Edinburgh: The Archivist’s Garden

Photo of a wheelchair-accessible sloped path through the Archivists Garden, Edinburgh.

Step into this public garden find some peace away from Edinburgh’s hustle and bustle. Renovated in 2013, this garden now has ‘full disabled access’, so people with mobility aids can admire the collection of plants and read about their connection to Scottish history and folklore. A reviewer wrote that a disabled toilet can be found nearby, and the place is ‘easily accessible’; although they noted that the street can sometimes be blocked by cars.

Leeds: Roundhay Park

Photo of a paved path through Roundhay Park.

Considered one of the biggest parks in Europe, Roundhay Park is not only ‘beautiful’ and ‘very family-friendly’, but it also has ‘good access’ throughout. The two lakes and many gardens can be accessed through the paved paths.

A reviewer said there are ‘a number of benches’ to sit on, a ‘good disabled toilet’ and an accessible café. Please note that the paths might be harder to navigate during rainy days due to mud.

Sheffield: Winter Garden

Photo of the interior of the glasshouse at Sheffield Winter Garden, showing tropical plants.

This ‘beautiful’ glasshouse is the largest in the UK and it’s a green oasis in the heart of Sheffield, making it an ideal greenspace to enjoy at any season. A reviewer gave it 4-stars and said there is ‘excellent disabled access’ with ramps ‘at each of the entrances’, automatic doors and a lift for wheelchair users.

Know any amazing green spaces with great accessibility?

If you’ve been to a park, garden or any other green space with great accessibility, write a review and share your recommendation with others!


Locations: York, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Sheffield

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