A lifeline making accessible toilets safer!

Graphic showing a Red Cord Card on a tiled background

This lifesaving project educates people about the importance of red emergency cords and makes accessible toilets safer. Thanks to the support of individuals and venues across the UK we’ve already given out over tens of thousands of Red Cord Cards!

What is a Red Cord Card?

Red Cord Cards are pocket-sized, splash-proof notices designed to hang on red emergency cords in accessible toilets. They remind everyone of the importance of keeping the cord hanging freely so that it could be reached by someone lying on the ground. 

The text on each card reads: ‘This red emergency cord must hang freely to the floor. If it does not, it may prevent a disabled person from asking for help.’

Our cards are designed to easily slide onto emergency cords without setting off the alarm and are printed in an easy-to-read font.

You can order some here and read about how we are making toilets safer.

What is the problem?

Far too often red emergency cords are cut too short, tied up or placed out of reach. This means that someone in distress might not be able to use the cord to raise the alarm to ask for assistance. Sometimes people can be left stuck for extended periods of time without any other way of asking for help.

How to use Red Cord Cards

Add Red Cord Cards to every red emergency cord you see, that way it will remind everyone to leave correctly positioned cords as they are, and it will alert venues and staff to cords that are not safe and need to be fixed. 

Thank you for your interest in our Red Cord Cards. Help us improve the safety of more accessible toilets by requesting your own Red Cord Cards using the form below.

You can also help us raise awareness of this safety issue by talking about it on social media, please feel free to use the hashtags #RedCordCards and #SetTheCordsFree.

We would really appreciate it if you could also spare some time to leave a review on Euan’s Guide for the places you leave Red Cord Cards! It lets other people know how accessible the venue is and is a great opportunity to tell the venue about anything they have done well and how they could improve their disabled access.

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