All roads lead to Rio - will you be there?

Photo of Rio skyline.

With the Olympic Torch now on its way around Brazil’s tropical towns and cities, it’s getting a little harder to contain our excitement for Rio 2016! It all kicks off on August 5th and again with the Paralympic Games on September 7th for what looks to be one of the most exciting sporting events yet.

If you’re one of the lucky sports fans travelling to Rio this summer, you’re probably at the exciting stage of planning your trip. We expect you’ll have colourful guidebooks spread across your coffee table and local recommendations bookmarked here there and everywhere! While there’s little more exciting than organising a holiday, sometimes there are a few travel plans that can take a little more time to prepare; particularly if you’re visiting a country for the first time as a disabled traveller.

We’ve teamed up with Skyscanner to bring you some handy accessible travel advice tips and information as you get ready for Rio this year. Hopefully this will leave you a little more time to plan the fun stuff and dig out your summer wardrobe!

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