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Voting is open for the People’s Choice category in the Blue Badge Awards 2019! You can nominate your favourite venues, companies and people to be recognised for their exceptional work making the world a more accessible place.

What are the Blue Badge Awards?

 The Blue Badge Access Awards is a global initiative that brings together two major design competitions - the Bespoke Access Awards and the Blue Badge Style Awards - with the support of charity, Leonard Cheshire - united by a mission to celebrate thoughtful and stylish inclusive design across the world.

Created in association with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), and the Design Council, the Bespoke Access Awards was originally devised by Paul Vaughan of Bespoke Hotels, with the intention of finding ways for all hotel guests to have a better experience. The Blue Badge Style Awards aimed to recognise and reward exceptional venues & organisations that possess both style and seamless accessibility for disabled people.

What will the awards achieve?

The Awards are here to accelerate progress. To celebrate great work in order to inspire and educate. The broad categories, celebrating a broad range of businesses and experiences for disabled customers will create a platform for discussion, debate and ultimately change - in both the way businesses operate and in people's perception of disability, access and style.

Who can I nominate?

If you had a fantastic experience somewhere and want to help reward the people and the place that made it possible, this award is a great opportunity to make your voice heard!

The People's Choice award is a chance for people to have their say. The winner will be decided by public vote rather than by judges. This award is about venues, businesses and employees that make everyone feel like a first-class citizen regardless of their access requirements.

Previous winners

Previous winners include The Dorsett Hotel Sheperds Bush – a favourite with the judges for their 37 accessible rooms and 3 with hoists in a beautiful grade II listed building! Another favourite is the Bryn Williams restaurant in Porth Eirias, Wales. You can enjoy fantastic food and beautiful sea views in a welcoming, accessible setting.

Other awards: The Ludicrous Loo Award!

The ludicrous loo award is about offering a gentle nudge to businesses that have fallen short of offering a great experience. Too often we find accessible toilets doubling up as store cupboards for example. Imagine going to an expensive restaurant and finding that when you need the bathroom you find yourself next to stacks of chairs, mannequins or even a moped!

To nominate a place, business or person, visit the Blue Badge Access Awards website awards page and fill in the nomination form here:

Nominations close on the 30th of June and winners will be announced on the 7th of October!

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