Euan's Guide Challenge

Thank you for taking the Euan’s Guide challenge! 

The Euan’s Guide challenge helps disabled people visiting your area for the first time. 

Please complete 6 reviews of places from the following different categories:
(NB we’ve included a few suggestions but feel free to add your own!)

Please download one of the versions for you to print and complete:

Food and Drink

Some suggestions:

  • Go out for a coffee
  • Go out for dinner
  • Go out for Sunday Lunch
  • Go out for a beer
  • Go out & collect a takeaway
  • Go out for Afternoon Tea

An example:

  • ‘Name’ Coffee Shop, Leeds City Centre

Leisure and Fun

Some suggestions:

  • Go out to the movies or theatre
  • Play/watch a sport or go swimming
  • Visit a theme park
  • Go away for the night
  • Visit a museum or gallery
  • Shop for a birthday present

An example:

  • ‘Name’ Theme Park, Staffordshire

Everyday Essentials

Some suggestions:

  • Buy some stamps 
  • Use a public accessible loo
  • Visit the railway or bus station
  • Get a book from the library
  • Buy something at the supermarket
  • Buy something at the chemist

An example:

  • Post Office, ‘Name’ Street, London


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Download Euan's Guide Fife Challenge as a Word Document

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Download Euan's Guide Challenge as a Word Document

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