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I want to change the lives of millions of people. I need your help to do this.

A bold ambition? Perhaps. In fact, it’s many more people when you take into account not only the millions of people* who have an accessibility need but their carers**, friends & family. 

I want to create a website unlike any other. It will feature impartial, user-generated accessibility reviews and recommendations for venues nationwide, assisting all individuals with accessibility needs and the people they spend time with.

Hotels, restaurants, bars, leisure facilities, cinemas & theatres, visitor attractions and many others will have the opportunity to demonstrate their accessibility credentials, with genuine customers providing feedback on their experience and promoting venues with great accessibility attributes. These reviews will establish a knowledge bank that potential users can search, filter and use to assist in planning their visit.

The site’s goal is to provide a friendly, honest & empowering alternative to hours of web searching and phone calls and most importantly removing the ‘fear of the unknown’ when visiting a venue for the first time.

I need your help to do this. I’m inviting you to get involved in our Five5 campaign. We’re asking everyone with accessibility needs, or who has friends or family with accessibility needs, to complete a review for your Five favourite places (wherever & whatever they are – they’ll only take a few minutes) and tell 5 people about this campaign.

Please help open up your town or city to all by writing some reviews today.

Thank you very much!

Euan MacDonald MBE

Download the Euan’s Guide Five5 pdf

*11 million in the UK alone (VisitScotland) ** Over 6.5 million in the UK alone (Carers Week)


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