Hello Intelligent Mobile & Boxed Red & Welcome to the Team!

So – we’ve made the big decision… And are delighted to appoint Boxed Red and Intelligent Mobile for the design and build of EuansGuide.com.

And it looks like they’re pretty pleased to be working on the project too:

“Boxed Red are delighted to be working alongside Intelligent Mobile to deliver the fantastic Euan’s Guide project. From the minute we read the brief we knew it was something we could be passionate about, and we were really excited to participate in a pitch for the work. The process was nerve wracking, but we put everything we could into the pitch, making sure every aspect was covered and ensuring our enthusiasm for the brand came across. It obviously worked! We’re thrilled to be a part of Euan’s Guide, we think it’s going to be an amazing resource and can’t wait to see the website go live!” - Craig Fell, Creative Director at Boxed Red Marketing

“Every now and then something crosses your path that makes you stop and think. It’s not often an opportunity to change the world. Euan’s Guide, however, is just that. It’s an opportunity to help the lives of millions of people. We’re delighted to be a partner in the Euan’s Guide project but moreover, we’re proud to be helping Euan to make a difference.” - Ian Laverty, Managing Director, Intelligent Mobile Ltd.

Now the hard work begins in earnest!!

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