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Photo of Euan's Guide Ambassadors infront of the Falkirk Wheel holding up Euan's Guide signs.

We’re delighted to announce that two regular reviewers and Euan’s Guide Ambassadors have joined the Euan’s Guide team. Welcome to the team Zoe Maclean and Claire D’All! They are our new Reviewer Engagement & Outreach Coordinators.

Their role is all about making it easier to review and answering any of your reviewing questions. They’ll be on hand to share tips as well as showcasing some of the brilliant reviews you submit. All of the reviews submitted to Euan’s Guide are first checked by our Moderation & Website Manager Steve Ensor, but Zoe and Claire will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. Whether you’ve never reviewed or if you are a regular reviewer, please feel free to get in contact to ask us any questions. Simply email or call us on 0131 510 5106.

Photo of Zoe and her assistance dog.

Zoe Maclean

Zoe lives in Largs and writes our regular Rambles with Remus blog. Here’s what she had to say about her new role:

“I am really excited to be joining Euan’s Guide. I have been an ambassador for about 2 years now. I am really grateful to everyone for making me feel welcome and I am really looking forward to working with current and new reviewers and helping them share their experiences.”

Photo of new ambassador Claire.

Claire D’All

Claire stays in Dundee and has her own blog and YouTube channel called A Journey in My Wheels where she shares all sorts of things from days out to shopping hauls! Claire shares her thoughts on joining Euan’s Guide:

“I’m really excited to be joining the Euan’s Guide team who I have been in contact with for over 2 years as an Ambassador. It’s great being involved in communications with reviewers and helping making a change in the field of accessibility so that everyone can enjoy the same experiences.”

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