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Get2gether is a small Scottish Charity that has been organising events for adults with disabilities in Edinburgh since 2013 - and now Get2gether has expanded to host events in East Lothian too. The charity aims to bring people together in fun and varied settings by hosting club nights, speed dating, Wiff Waff ping pong tournaments, nature trails and lots more.

We had a conversation with Get2gether to find out a little bit more about the charity that is filling social calendars across central Scotland.

Of the events you’ve had in the last twelve months, can you tell us about some of the most fun or interesting things that have happened?

There have been lots! We went to a free Opera Taster at the Festival Theatre; First Minister Question Time at the Scottish Parliament where we got to hear Nicola Sturgeon speak; an Edinburgh ice hockey match at Murrayfield; and a Roller Derby at Meadowbank.

You have a lot of diverse activities for members; what is typically the most exciting activity for members to try for the first time?

We go to Wiff Waff Wednesday at the Out of the Blue Hall in Leith. It’s ping pong and a great free place to hang out and meet loads of new people, have some great food and practice your ping pong skills!

What types of events generate the most excitement and anticipation among members?

Party nights and the Christmas Pantomime; people love a good dance and the panto is just such an Edinburgh tradition.

What do you think makes the bi-monthly club night at Cav so popular?

It’s a friendly place for people to have fun and meet each other. A chance to have a real clubbing experience can be used as a stepping stone to mainstream clubbing.

You often use themes for you events; what is the best theme you’ve had so far? What do the themes add to the events?

Get2gether at the Cav for Thriller was our Halloween club night and happened to coincide with the theatre show at the Playhouse – so we managed to get free tickets to give away at our club night. We also had a Michael Jackson dance teacher come in and show everyone the moves to Thriller! It was amazing!

Photo of colourful masks and glasses for fancy dress.

Is your membership growing?

Yes, our exciting new development is that we are now offering membership for free, so our membership has grown and we hope it will keep growing. It is currently over 200 and we have a target for this year between 200-300 so we are well on our way to achieving this.

What tips can you give to venues for making their spaces more accessible for larger events, such as when there might be multiple wheelchair users attending?

Ask somebody with a disability. It’s really important that we are a stepping stone for people, so they are building independence, not dependence.

Get2gether shared with us their top five accessible venues for you to try out. Have you been to any? If you be sure to tell us all about it by leaving a review here.

Find out more about get2gether on their website or Facebook page. You can also get in touch by email at info@get2gether.org.uk or by calling 0131 656 9914.

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