New Changing Places Facility at Abbey Grounds, Cirencester

A photo of Councillor Mark Harris, Councillor Sabrina Dixon, Mayor of Cirencester, and Councillor Nicky Ind, Chair of Cotswold District Council 

It’s absolutely fantastic to hear that another Changing Places facility has opened recently, this time in Abbey Grounds, Cirencester. The new facility is equipped with height-adjustable changing tables, a ceiling track hoist, a shower with privacy screen, and plenty of space for people who use wheelchairs, ensuring everyone can access and use the facilities with ease and comfort. Introduced alongside newly renovated public toilets, it shows that Cirencester Town is committed to supporting and including disabled people in the community.   

Over a quarter of million people in the UK need Changing Places Toilets to enable them to get out and about and enjoy the day-to-day activities which many of us take for granted. To use a toilet in safety and comfort, these people need to be able to access a Changing Places Toilet, which has more space and the right equipment, including a height adjustable changing bench, a peninsular toilet and a celling hoist. 

Cirencester’s Land and Property Team spokesperson says: “We’re thrilled to have these incredible facilities in Cirencester, which have been created to promote accessibility and inclusivity. It’s wonderful to see the Abbey Grounds become a more accessible place for all our residents and visitors.” 

The new facility opened on 5 July and the town of Cirencester welcomes anyone wishing to visit Abbey Grounds to make use of the wonderful facilities they have on offer. If you’d like more information about its Changing Places toilet, you can email or call 01285 655646.  

If you’d like to read reviews about places to visit in Cirencester that have been tried and approved by disabled people, check out the reviews on Euan’s Guide:

Image: (left) Councillor Mark Harris, (middle) Councillor Sabrina Dixon, Mayor of Cirencester, (right) Councillor Nicky Ind, Chair of Cotswold District Council 

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