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The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that the "Beta" has disappeared from the top of the website and that the layout/functionality of some of the things on the website has changed a bit.

Last week we released a new version of the site with a whole host of new features - some of which you can see some of which you won't be able to. Here's some of the major changes...

  • Location search - we've made this a whole lot easier. When entering a location that has venues listed or reviews the website will suggest options for you. If you want to search for somewhere that isn't already covered on the site then the site won't find it but will bring up search results based on venues nearby.
  • Location dropdown - we started to get so many locations that our solution was becoming unwieldy. We've now redesigned how this works & hope this makes everyone's life a lot easier!
  • Editing a review - did you forget to tell us something or want to add something in after you submitted it? No problem. You're now able to do this and any changes you make will be re-moderated and then re-published.
  • Updating a venue - one of the biggest requests! Lots and lots of venues wanted to be able to update and edit their listings... And now you can... Again, an updates will be re-moderated before being re-published.
  • 'Credited' reviews - if you're a member of a group or organisation that wish to have your reviews credited to you then we can now do this. Whether that's an access panel, charity or other organisation.
  • Blog comments - something you'd like to add? Now you can... Log in and tell us what you think on our news & features. 
  • Stars - you told us that these haven't been particularly easy to use, so we have changed it! Now you'll be asked to enter a number out of 5, which will then be published as a star rating. We hope this is a lot easier. 
  • Last, but by no means least - accessibility. This is going to be a never ending area for improvement for us. After undergoing several accessibility audits, the site has had loads of improvements - particularly to aid users that use eye-gaze and voice navigation technologies. One of the biggest accessibility improvements in this release is our new "off map" navigation buttons.

As always, let us know what you think!

Screenshot of accessible 'off map' navigation buttons

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