Professor Stephen Hawking endorses Euan's Guide

A photo of Stephen Hawking.

We're delighted that Euan's Guide has been endorsed by world renowned physicist Professor Stephen Hawking.

Professor Hawking said: “There is a severe lack of quality information about disabled access in the UK, particularly services giving the end-user's perspective. For this reason it can be very difficult for disabled people and their carers to find out where they can go to enjoy many of the everyday activities most people take for granted, such as visiting a coffee shop or going out for drink with friends. As a result, despite all of the legislation supporting accessibility, disabled people are effectively excluded from many mainstream venues and activities, for fear of being faced with inadequate facilities.

“ helps people with disabilities and their carers give an open and honest account of a venue's accessibility, good or bad. This means that users can check before they go whether a venue will cater for their needs. The site will make a huge difference for people across the UK, giving them a reliable source of information to help plan their leisure, personal and business activities.”

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Well said, this is exactly what is already happening to our family, we have become seperated as my eldest two children are excluded from 'fun days' because my youngest son cannot access them. He doesn't go, we all don't go.