Ramping it up in Leith!

Photo of The Shore at Leith.

We're excited to be working with the amazing Edinburgh Tool Library on a project that has the potential to make local and independent businesses in Leith more accessible to wheelchair users. If successful, the project could work as a model for towns and neighbourhoods all over the UK!

If we win the support of the public, Edinburgh Tool Library will build 35 colourful ramps for businesses in the area. The small shops, pubs and cafes that would receive the ramps are currently inaccessible to wheelchair users who live or visit the Leith area, and we hope to change this.

Photo of Paul visiting the Edinburgh Tool Library.

Photo: Paul from Euan’s Guide checking out the new ramps at Edinburgh Tool Library.

Do you live in Leith?

If you live in the Leith area, your vote could help make this possible! Voting takes place from 3rd-10th March. Find out how to help here >>

Locations: Edinburgh


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