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Going outdoors in the garden or visiting public outdoors areas is the only thing most of us are able to do right now during this unexpected pandemic. Due to most place being closed we aren’t receiving many reviews just now so, I thought for our monthly review update I would reflect on some outdoor reviews that have previously been uploaded. Especially ones left by our Ambassadors.

Going back to 2016 I really enjoyed reading Gary’s review on his visit to Dunmore Trail. It sounds like a lovely walk near Pitlochry and he was pleasantly surprised at how accessible the pathways were. The scenery sounds gorgeous. Gary mentions that there was decent parking and a reasonable sized accessible toilet.

A bridge over water at Dr Neil's Garden with a sign saying 'Dr Neil's Garden Duddingston'.

I really enjoyed reading Ryan’s review on the hidden gem of Dr Neil's Garden that is situated on the outskirts of Holyrood Park. From the pictures within his review it looks like a beautiful place to visit. Most areas are accessible for visitors with mobility issues however, there are a few sloped grass areas may be a little challenging. Ryan provides great information on how to travel to Dr Neil’s Garden and mentions that the accessible toilet is excellent, wide and plenty of space.

Another review that I enjoyed reading was of Burghead to Hopeman Coastal Walk written by Karis. From what she has mentioned, it sounds like a gorgeous place to visit and she says there’s even a chance you can even see some dolphins. Parking is available at the start of the walk and there are a couple of accessible public toilets available but, Karis couldn’t comment on them as she didn’t visit them.

Entrance to Hermitage Park.

In May I really loved reading Emma’s (Zozimus) review of Hermitage Park in Helensburgh and she has been chosen as our May reviewer of the month. The pictures that Emma has provided in her review are very good at illustrating what she has spoken about above and really entice me to visit as it looks like a lovely place. I also found it was really good that she mentioned changes at Hermitage Park just now with the coronavirus pandemic, like the fact that the children’s playground is temporarily closed.

If you have visited any public outdoor areas recently we’d love to hear from you, follow this link to write your review.

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Written by Claire D'All, Reviewer Engagement & Outreach Coordinator

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