Sensory backpacks at the Fringe

Photo of sensory backpacks.

This year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe is all about stepping #IntoTheUnknown, but you can be prepared with one of their new sensory backpacks to help make the most of your festival!

The backpacks have been designed for festival-goers with autism, and there are a number of backpacks available to borrow from Fringe locations. The bags come in adult and children’s sizes, and they are filled with Fringe-inspired items to help visitors relax or overcome overwhelming or stressful situations.

What’s inside?

Photo showing the contents of a Fringe sensory backpack.

We love the variety of items contained inside each backpack! You’ll find a fidget toy, water bottle, stress reliever, earplugs or ear defenders, a photo story to described the Virgin Money Street Events, and a list of relaxed performances at the Fringe. The children’s backpacks also contain a soft toy.

Where can you collect a backpack?

To borrow a backpack, head to the Fringe Shop on the High Street remembering to take a form of photographic ID with you. You can also collect a backpack from the Edinburgh International Conference Centre or the Fringe Shop in Waverly Mall.

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