Set the cords free!

Graphic of knotted ropes.

Knots can be impressive, but we don’t want them in our accessible toilets! Emergency red cords need to be left untied and reaching all the way to the floor. Sadly, not everybody is aware of this, and that’s why two years ago we launched our first #RedCordCard to help address the issue.

Two years later, you’ve asked for over 20,000 of them to fix unruly red cords in accessible toilets all over the country! Chances are, you’ve probably seen a Red Cord Card or two in accessible toilets around your local area too.

The work’s not done yet though, as there are still many more emergency red cords in need of a Red Cord Card. If you come across a shortened cord, or one that has been tied up with an unbreakable knot; attach a Red Cord Card to show what needs to be done. They’ve been designed to fit in your pocket and easily fix onto red cords.

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