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Written by Claire D'All, Reviewer Engagement & Outreach Coordinator

Hi everyone! It's my turn to share with you some ideas of things you can do while you are at home. I hope you find these useful and don't forget to check out Kayleigh and Abby's suggestions by following the links at the bottom of this blog. You can find loads more ideas on the Euan's Guide Forum.


Writing your feelings down in a note, on your phone or computer can really help you process what it is going. It’s a fantastic relief for your mental health which can be crucial in this current pandemic. I have been sharing a weekly diary on my personal blog and how I am feeling each day during isolation and I’m finding it quite therapeutic. I’m doing it for my own wellbeing but, it’s to show others that they’re not alone and to also give them ideas on what to get up to in the house. If you are unable to write it all down, why not try recording yourself through video or audio. 

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Sort out your technology, organise the folders/documents on my laptop and phone

This is an admin task that I have been meaning to do for some time now and especially with doing reviews and taking lots of pictures, I have lots of random toilet pictures. I don’t think I’m the only person, who is with me? So yes, with everything being a little calmer just now this is definitely something I am going to add to my to-do-list. Also doing a little bit each time makes it a lot more enjoyable.


Have you seen the latest social media craze? Everyone making TikTok videos with their household. Now I’m being honest, I wasn’t really into watching TikTok or doing anything around using the platform but, I think as weeks go on, I might end up joining the TikTok community, watch this space.

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Photography scavenger hunt whilst getting exercise

Whilst we’re able to, I’ve been trying to go on a walk at least every couple of days and I’ve been seeing on Instagram people taking part in daily photo challenges. Some are inside, some are outside but, it made me think that it would make a great activity with kids or adults during your daily walk. You can do it for yourself or post your findings on social media, there’s some examples online or you can make up your own. The options are endless.

Open university

Ever wanted to learn a language or look at different subjects? Well the Open University have released lots of new course on their website to allow you to do just that for free. You can enrol in as many as you’d like and after lockdown is over you will have gained all these new skills that you didn’t have before.

Murder mystery party

You can host a dinner party with a theme virtually or with your household. Why not dress up as detectives and have a murder mystery party? One person writes up a script, sends out the characters and you all have to guess who the murderer is.

Chef Massimo Bottura cooking demonstration on Instagram

Through Instagram you can have a cooking demonstration in the comfort of your own kitchen. If you are able to, buy the ingredients and follow this video demonstration to cook some delicious dishes.

I hope this has helped you think of a few more things to do. We'd love it if you could spare a few minutes to write a review for somewhere with good disabled access to let people know about great places they can visit when it is safe to do so.

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