Rambles with Remus: Trips to the Office

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Hi everyone, How are you all doing?

While we remain indoors most of the time, I wanted to share a bit more about what life is like for me and Remus. Being based in the west coast of Scotland with Euan’s Guide headquarters in Edinburgh I regularly work from home, infact, because of lockdown I’ve not been in the office since the end of February! In today’s blog I wanted to look back at what a trip to the office involves for me and Remus.

As I’m sure you can imagine, a day at the Euan’s Guide office in Edinburgh very different to a day at home and Remus helps me in many different ways. Firstly, he helps me with the journey through several train stations, which can be very busy. He helps me to navigate my way through crowds by helping to give me some extra space. Normally I get very nervous in busy environments but having Remus with me on a journey like this means that I am able to feel more confident and not feel quite so claustrophobic. Once we are on the train Remus helps me to take my jacket, hat and scarf off, which prevents me from becoming too hot. It always helps me to know that I can do these things independently with Remus’s help. He then lies beside me in the wheelchair space. This means that he can help me to pick things up should I drop them. When we get to the stage of changing trains in Glasgow I always feel more confident knowing that Remus is beside me and he would be able to go and fetch help if anything were to go wrong in an emergency. Having him with me all the time is always a great conversation starter with anyone that we meet as it helps to prevent any awkwardness around my disability.

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When we arrive in the office everyone is always very pleased to see Remus and he helps me to take my jacket off and then takes his place under my desk. He is always very willing to help if I drop anything during the day. At lunch time I take him for a walk around the block. He comes with me to attend team meetings and trainings and then at the end of a busy day we start the journey home again!

Being partnered with an assistance dog is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I can honestly say I would never have done some of the things that I have achieved if it weren't for Remus. When it is safe to do so, I will take some videos of our journey to work so that I can share this with you too. Remus really enjoys the train journey to work, but this hasn’t always been the case. That is where our partnership is really important as I have been able to help him overcome his anxieties around public transport and he has given me the confidence in myself to go out and try new things.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this month’s Rambles with Remus blogs and that they have helped you understand the world of assistance dogs a little better.

If any of you have stories that you would like to share with Euan’s Guide please do get in touch as we would love to hear from you. Next month I will share with you the next stage in my journey with Remus as we develop our skills a little further and aim for the Canine Partners gold award! Take care and stay safe everyone!

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Written by Zoe Maclean, Reviewer Engagement & Outreach Coordinator

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