Volunteers' Week 2024: how to get involved with Euan's Guide

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Volunteer reviewers for EuansGuide.com

We're often told that just one review can give someone the confidence to visit somewhere new, and this means that every single one of our volunteer reviewers is making a positive difference to someone else. We also learned in our latest Access Survey that 91% of disabled people look for disabled access information before visiting a new place. 

If you haven't yet shared your experiences of disabled access, we're asking you to take the next step and write your first review for EuansGuide.com. This is the difference we make to the people who use EuansGuide.com:

“Myself and my wife who are both disabled have been given an easier way to find the necessary information required and make judgement on safety that is not available anywhere else even venues websites. It is only the user reviews that made it possible to visit venues we could not confidently visit before after having bad to horrible experiences before using Euan’s Guide.” 

“I look at your guide first. As someone with MND who is just going into a wheelchair the whole issue of accessibility is becoming more important. I have been looking at ways of how to tell people they need to improve the facilities, so this mechanism seems to me to be an excellent way.”

“I love your website! It’s so helpful when I take my gran places. We’ve booked accommodation because of information other people have sent in. We’re off to York this weekend and I’ve been using it to find places to go.” 

Safer Toilets 

We'd also like to say thank you to everyone who has helped us with our Safer Toilets campaign by ordering and distributing our Red Cord Cards to help make tens of thousands of accessible toilets safer. You can order Red Cord Cards on our website -  here's what people have to say about them:

“My mother is disabled and it scares me so much when she’s out alone. So many disabled toilets I find slip and water hazards all the time and when cords are tied up it means she’s even more in danger because who’s gonna know she’s in there.” - Safer Toilets Volunteer

“These are brilliant - I tend to use them on all the red cords I pass when travelling. It's not uncommon for me to return to a train station a few months later and the card is still on the red cord. I also used these on all the red cords in the accessible toilets across my campus which immediately stopped them being tied up. Thanks.” - Safer Toilets Volunteer

Get involved

So, if you want to help people get out and about trying new places this summer and beyond, please do think about us the next time you're visiting your local cafe, library, or nature trail and pop a quick review up on our website.

Thank you for your support this Volunteers' Week - we appreciate you.

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