Will your venue be a warm bank this winter?

Will your venue be a warm bank this winter? article image

As bills continue to skyrocket, concerns around the impending cold winter have led to local councils investigating and implementing the idea of “warm banks” or “warm spaces”, the energy equivalent to food banks. 

Warm banks will work in the same way as food banks do already; a public safe place where people can go to get what they need without fear of judgement. This idea is being considered by local authorities across the country, from Aberdeen to Nottinghamshire and London, to name just a few.  

For people who can’t afford to heat their own homes this winter – or if it’s a case of heat or eat - warm banks will be a place for people to go, while also acting as a social place which might include provision of catering like soup, tea, and coffee. Some concerns have been raised about the idea or warm banks, mainly around them being an unsustainable long-term solution, as well as how people might feel about potentially large indoors groups as Covid-19 continues. 

Here at Euan’s Guide, we’re in full support of warm banks being available to those who need them, and we want to offer help to venues who will become warm banks this winter by listing this on EuansGuide.com.  

If your venue will be acting as a warm bank this winter, please edit your listing to show that it will be a warm space. This way we can help you make sure your venue is as accessible as possible. 

Any questions? We’re here to help! hello@euansguide.com 

PS Coming soon: watch out for our top tips on how to make warm banks accessible.

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