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Front cover of Jarred McGinnis' The Coward book.

You might have heard of Jarred McGinnis from The Special Relationship, a non-profit live literature event putting emphasis on inclusivity and accessibility. Jarred’s debut novel, The Coward, is partly inspired by his experiences as a wheelchair user and how he adapts to the monumental physical and emotional effort of rediscovering independence. With remarkable self-awareness and varying themes of dark and light humour, there are familiar instances in The Coward that demonstrate how accessibility can cover all areas – from work to nights out and beyond.

We are giving you the chance to win one of 5 copies of The Coward for its big release this month. In addition, the bundle will include some exclusive merchandise to coincide with the book launch that will feature some of Jarred’s notorious phrases from his literature and real life – including, 'I'm not an inspiration, you're just a disappointment.'

Jarred McGinnis will also be giving away 25 merchandise pins to select people who enter, so this one is definitely worth participating in!

Copies of The Coward can be purchased through Bookshop, or you could be one of the lucky winners. 

Fancy winning this prize? Enter below.

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