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Photo of an astronaut in space.

Euan was recently asked if he’d rather explore the depths of the ocean or take off into space. He would much rather be a space cadet! Luckily, there are plenty of space attractions and observatories to be found on Euan’s Guide…

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Cape Canaveral

‘Spaceships and scooters’ was the name of the review that we received for the Kennedy Space Center. Nothing quite beats a sci-fi review! You can explore rockets, astronaut memorabilia, tours and more at this visitor complex for all things NASA. It was rated 4.5 stars by a mobility scooter user who said:

‘Of course I couldn’t climb into some of the interactive exhibits, but it didn’t detract from the visit even one iota. It was easy to get around.’ Read review >>

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Washington DC

Photo of aircraft in the Smithsonian.

Trekkie? This is where you need to go to see the original Star Trek Starship Enterprise studio model used in the Star Trek series between 1966 and 1969! One reviewer visited the museum in Washington DC and wrote:

‘From the moment you enter you are immersed into an entire world of adventures in the sky. Access has been well thought out – regular maps show you where you are (it’s a massive place) and there are lifts to transport you between floors.’ Read review >>

National Space Centre, Leicester

Photo of the National Space Centre.

It’s the UK’s largest planetarium and it’s signposted on the motorway using rocket signs! The centre has six interactive galleries and a mesmerising 42m high Rocket Tower. You can now find out how the Kettering Satellite Group managed to beat the CIA to uncover Russian secrets during the Cold War…exciting stuff! The centre is listed on Euan’s Guide saying:

‘Look out for members of Space Crew if you have any questions or need assistance.’ Aye, captain… View listing >>

Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium, Winchester

Photo of Winchester Planetarium.

If you’re really into science, there are over 100 hands-on exhibits to explore at Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium! It’s the perfect way to travel through the solar system and learn about the stars. The science centre is listed on Euan’s Guide saying:

‘Groups can request private shows on school days which can incorporate bespoke lighting and sound levels as appropriate to the audience’s needs.’ View listing >>

Royal Observatory, Greenwich London

Photo of Royal Observatory.

A tour of the skies is made possible by the Peter Harrison Planetarium at Royal Observatory! One of the museum’s newest exhibitions is Asteroid: Mission Extreme, a journey into the dangerous world of asteroids…One powerchair user who visited the Observatory said:

‘All staff I encountered were very disability-aware and helpful and friendly. Top marks. Great shows in the Planetarium – a fantastic experience, worth every penny.’ Read review >>

Armagh Planetarium, Armagh

Ireland’s Armagh Planetarium has a 4.6-billion-year meteorite on display alongside scale models of the Viking Lander and the Hubble Space Telescope! Once you’re finished learning about constellations and planets, you can try a scoop of Astronuat ice-cream! Armagh Planetarium is listed on Euan’s Guide saying:

‘Automatic doors, ramps and level flooring throughout the building. Lift to access upper level and theatre. Disabled and wheelchair access to theatre.’ View listing >>

Send us reviews of your favourite observatories, science and space centres during World Space Week! Write a review >>

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