Airdrie Community Health Centre Airdrie Community Health Centre

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Airdrie Community Health Centre

88 Graham Street, Airdrie, ML6 6DB, United Kingdom | 01236 769333 | Website


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Airdrie Health Centre



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This is an HNS Lanarkshire venue and is on a pedestrian area of Graham St. There are two ways in to the building via the Main entrance on Graham St or via the rear of the building from the car par area. if you enter via the main entrance there are a few steps however the door is also level with the Street as well. There are lifts to all of the 3 floors with in the building from both entrances. There is also a reception desk at the front entrance this was not in use when we visited.

Transport & Parking


There is parking to the rear of the health centre in a good size car park there are a number of Blue badge spaces indicated with in the car park. If you do park in this car park then you need to get a token to open the barrier to let you out. This is to stop people parking in this car park and going to the shops in the area. Health Centre users only to park in the area. Please note there is also a car park to the side of the health centre this is linked to the retail units in the area and has a 30min time limit if you park in this area you be sent a fine in the post.



Over all the access is very good from both entrances to the building which is only a few years old. If you enter via the front of the building the lifts are on the left hand side past the reception desk . The lifts are modern and while you will get a wheelchair in to them you might struggle with a mobility scoter unless it is the small fold up type.



There are accessible toilets on all the levels except ground level these are well laid and have a good amount of space in them. The accessible toilets however are kept locked for some reason ? You have to ask for a key from the reception desk on the floor you are on if you require to use it.



The staff we were in contact with very helpful and friendly

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This Health Centre is made up of a number of GPs practices these are over all 3 floors of the building. All of the GPs practices have there own phone number and appointment system. The rest of the venue is made up of a range of Primary Care services like Audiology, Mental Health , etc

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