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Pier House, Beaumaris, LL58 8BS, United Kingdom | Website


Beaumaris Pier


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The Pier is completely flat and accessible with lovely views. Great fun catching crabs for all ages which anyone can do. There is a shop at the start of the pier that sells buckets, bait and nets. We find bacon works well which you can purchase before arriving. Once you have caught crabs and want to release them, there is an an accessible strip of concrete on the pebbly beach where you can get close to the sea to release them. Only when the tide goes out is it not possible to access. Google the tide times and you can find out when the tide is in.

Transport & Parking

Disabled spaces available outside the Pier with no payment otherwise you can park in the town car park which is an accessible stroll of 5-10 minutes.


Benches are plentiful in the towns park, car park and along the Pier if you need to stop. The odd cobbly area but mostly flat and accessible.


There is an accessible toilet in the alley way just up from the Pier House Cafe and Bistro (opposite the Pier). You need a radar key.



Anything else you wish to tell us?

Beaumaris is a nice day out. In addition to the Pier is a park behind the castle where golf and bowls are available that is suitable for a wheelchair user as these areas are flat. The ground floor of Beaumaris castle is also accessible. There are plenty providers of boat trips with at least 1 provider stating they can cater for wheelchair users (although we did not go on a boat on this occasion). Puffin Island is worth a visit by boat.


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