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Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

Museo Plaza, 2, Bilbao, 48009, Spain | +34 944 396 060 | Website


Exhibition backwards for those with access requirements


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Wheelchair


There are many masterpieces hidden away in this museum, pieces by El Greco, Martin de Vos, José de Ribera, Paul Gauguin and even a Rembrandt. I thoroughly enjoyed both temporary exhibitions (Eduardo Arroyo and Goya) however the Goya exhibition was in the one gallery whose lift access is in a bizzarre place meaning that if you have access requirements and arrive in the lift you go through the exhibition backwards, only finding the booklets with the explanations as you finally arrive at the beginning. I found this quite confusing and slightly annoying as the exhibition I saw was in a chronological arrangement. It is confounding that no member of staff had spotted this problem as I was not the only wheelchair user in the gallery at the time going around the 'wrong' way. All floors and galleries are accessible despite this problematic 'backwards' arrangement of the temporary exhibition gallery upstairs if you arrive from the lift rather than the stairs. It is something that could be fixed with something as simple as a sign or arrow. Nevertheless I still enjoyed this museum far more than I enjoyed the Guggenheim, I guess it just depends which kind of art floats your boat! Staff were very friendly and all spoke good English.

Transport & Parking




I knocked off a star because of the backwards gallery I mentioned previously, this is something that could be so easily remedied but has clearly not occurred to able bodied curators.



There is an "accessible" toilet. Once you get inside it is fine (plenty of space) however the automatic door is very narrow - I struggled to get through in my manual chair and the automatic door was trying to close on me while I was still struggling to get through! Very very narrow doorway, I have no idea how those with powered chairs would manage as they are usually much wider.



Brilliant staff, very helpful. All spoke English very well too.

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The museum is based in a park which has palm trees, a little cafe and an ice cream shop.


Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

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