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Dundee Road, Arbroath, DD11 2NQ, United Kingdom | 0330 123 9243 | Website


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Level access store selling garden and DIY household items, friendly staff and plenty of disabled parking.

Transport & Parking


This B&Q store is situated in a retail park with other stores so there is plenty of parking spaces and we counted around 15 disabled parking spaces, not including 2 that were sectioned off so that people can queue outside. I'm not sure about the public transport in this area but I'd say the center or Arbroath is about a 15-minute walk away where there are probably bus stops than connect to other towns in Angus and Dundee.



There are dropped kerbs at each side of the B&Q entrance, you enter through one side and exit at the other side. Both doors are automatic. Outside the entrance and exit there are rope barriers and signs to help for queuing due to the pandemic, but I don't feel any of them were in the way. As I entered the garden centre area of B&Q there was a sign at the entrance of the automatic door, I could have been moved but i did manage to get past it. I visited later on in the evening so it was quiet, but I feel the aisles would be quite narrow if people are coming each way and trying to social distance. There were some obstructions in the way of some aisles, including a step ladder on wheels that staff possibly use to stock shelves and some cardboard stands that were blocking the ends of some aisles I think to help with social distancing as they go out on to the area where people queue at the tills. I'd say the tills are a little bit too high to reach for wheelchair users but when I visited the staff member scanned my items in the trolley.



I'm unable to comment on the toilets as I couldn't see any during my visit but there is an Asda supermarket 3 shops along which probably has disabled toilets.



I'd say the staff were friendly during my visit. Someone greeted us as we entered the store and the staff member that put through our items for payment was nice.

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All staff had masks on. There were rope barriers at the entrance to help if it was busy so that people could queue at a social distance. As I entered the store I saw antibacterial spray and tissues to clean your trolley but the trolleys outside were chained up and I couldn't see any cleaning products beside the trolleys inside. There were markings on the floor in each aisle to ensure people socially distance. When you go up to the till they ask you to step right back whilst they scan your items in your trolley and then they go back behind the clear screen so you can pay. I felt safe when visiting but as I said above I did visit later in the evening so it was quiet.


This image is of the entrance to the store and also shows the rope barriers to help with Covid-19 restrictions. Image of the automatic door leading out into the garden centre showing the sign in the way. Image showing one of the aisles in the B&Q store. Image of the till area of the B&Q store showing staff member scanning my items.

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