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Brodie Castle

Brodie Castle, Forres, IV36 2TD, United Kingdom | 01309 641371 | Website


Sightseer - Chapter 5

A Picturesque Castle


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Powerchair


Brodie Castle is old and access can often be difficult if not impossible but there can still be lots to see and do. Brodie Castle has beautiful views and parkland to walk in and explore.

Transport & Parking


Brodie Castle is on its own estate and you really need to come on an arranged tour or by your own vehicle. We arrived by car and swept into the car park but were confused by the absence of any marked accessible parking bays. We simply chose a spot where we wouldn't get blocked in and could access both sides of the car by wheelchair. It was incredibly disappointing to then struggle through the woodland path and then along the drive to get to the castle only to find there were a couple of marked accessible parking bays very close to the entrance.



It is with some regret we can only offer one star. You see the visit didn't go at all well. When approach the main entrance the steward on duty chose to ignore me and talk to my companion when answering my questions. A ramp was eventually offered but the look of the ramp; a 'homemade' plywood sheet like thing was enough to put us off. Any attempt to use the ramp down the single step would have been unsafe if not dangerous. It did not look robust enough to take the weight of my powerchair and was so short I would be traversing the step at 45 degrees and my chair can't cope with that. Why, go why ... wasn't there a proper portable ramp available? Any requests for alternative routes or places to explore were dismissed ... It really sent a strong message to me of "we don't cater for people like you' ... Going around the back of the castle revealed the shop and cafe. Such a pity the doorway was surrounded by tables and chairs; as well as a deep gravel that made getting anywhere near the door impossible! If you're a wheelchair user then this is a place to avoid!



A small, antiquated, semi accessible toilet was available in a toilet block adjacent to the car park. Not recommended! But when you've got to go you've got to go and improvisation takes over ...



Patronising and completely unhelpful and unwelcoming!

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Avoid this attraction if you are a wheelchair user. if you are an ambulant disabled person you may fair better than we did.


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