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Cringletie House Hotel

Off Edinburgh Road, Cringletie, EH45 8PL, United Kingdom | 01721 725750 | Website

Castles can be accessible!



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Cringletie House near Peebles is a luxurious country house with a great restaurant and lovely staff. I can’t really comment on the grounds as the weather was a bit too drizzly to explore but they look very nice! Our room was actually a junior suite so had a couple of armchairs (the rise and recline sort which was fun to play with!) – the website talks of them having just one accessible room but it sounded like they had more than one – they were on the ground floor while there was lift access to the first floor restaurant which has fabulous views. Dinner was very good and we even found room for dessert as none of the dishes were huge or stodgy. Breakfast was good although my scrambled eggs very much resembled omelette! It was quite pricey but I would love to go back to such a lovely place where they just take it in their stride that you use a scooter – no one stares or makes a big deal of it, which is just how it should be!

Transport & Parking


Designates parking bays near entrance



There is a ramp to access the entrance then a platform lift to get you up the three steps to the ground floor – not possible with my scooter because of the lift’s situation but it had a seat so I could get off the scooter then back on at the top. On leaving, I could scoot onto the platform but not off it. It would be fine in a wheelchair, it's just that a scooter is a bit longer than a chair.



There is an accessible loo on the ground floor. En-suite bathroom was spacious with a roll-in shower, grabrails etc.



Really friendly and very disabled-aware.


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