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Dorney Court Kitchen Garden

Dorney Lane, Dorney, SL4 6QP, United Kingdom | 01628 669999 | Website
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Good, but could do better. 'A' minus !


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Wheelchair


Easy wheelchair access with no steps and ramps to café and interior shop. Outer shop a tad difficult to negotiate due aisles narrowed by clearance bins. The kitchen garden is a wonderful place and mostly accessible by chair, as is the garden centre. The café is the main draw, with good if slightly pricy food. It can get very busy. Today, for example, I waited nearly half an hour for my breakfast, and even then it was not what I ordered, but was very nice, nonetheless. My real moan is the car park, which is not tarmacked. Although there is a disabled parking area for 2 of 3 vehicles, it is not clearly defined, and almost every timd we visit, thoughtless able bodied drivers squeeze their car into the 'space' at the end of the row making car door opening/access very difficult.

Transport & Parking


Parking 15 feet from entrance and 50 feet from exit approx. No public transport.



Level access with ramps where necessary.



Disabled loo available and accessible but I have never had cause to use them so cannot vomment further.



The garden centre and shop staff are helpful and pleasant. Café staff very busy, don't always listen carefully enough, and although mostly friendly, we had one surly teenage waitress today.

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I would recommend this place. The kitchen garden is well worth seeing, and the café sells good food although the service can be hit and miss.

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