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Elephant Coffee

35-37 High Street, Neston, CH64 9TZ, United Kingdom | 0151 345 3191 | Website


The Elephant Coffee House


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Staff at the Elephant Coffee prioritise their customer’s needs. There are narrow spaces between tables which may be an issue for wheelchair users. Staff are however on hand to assist if required to accommodate to customers needs. Nearby there is accessible parking available with a level path to the café. There is only one toilet, which is adaptable for different customers needs.

Transport & Parking


There is no parking directly for the use of customers. On the street there is a layby near to the Elephant Coffee approximately 25m away, which has a limited time for parking and often filled. Around the back of the café is a free public car park approximately 100m away, which consists of disabled parking spaces for permit holders, as well as concreted ramp paths out of the car park. Outside of the Elephant Coffee is a set of traffic lights making it not possible to stop outside.



Access into the Elephant Coffee entails a small ramp incline. Within the café is a range of seating; a short bar with high stools, fixed benches around the edge and moveable seating which staff are on hand to move if required. Between the tables is a narrow space, restricting the space for wheelchairs. There is also limited seating outside with two tables and four chairs, which are located on the pavement at the front. Orders are taken at the till which is positioned at standing height, although next to the till there is a gap that staff use to go in and out which staff may use if required.



The Elephant coffee has one unisex disabled toilet for customers. The door opens out into the café, making access easier. There is a large space within the toilet with transfer rails which can be moved out of the way, and grab rails. The toilet is taller than the basic, making it easier for transfers, whilst the sink is lower and accessible for someone in a wheelchair. There is an alarm for assistance if required in the toilet cubicle.



Staff at the Elephant Coffee are all friendly and helpful. Staff serve the hot drinks and food to the table, ensuring customers have everything they require.

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The Elephant Coffee in Neston is a small local run café, with only one other recently opened in the area. It offers hot drinks including specialist coffees and cold drinks, freshly made sandwiches and cakes with vegetarian options. Daily papers and free Wi-Fi are available to use at leisure whilst in the café. The café advertises local events and supports local charities.

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