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Forage at Coppice

Coppice Lane, Tamworth, B78 2BU, United Kingdom | 0121 308 7197 | Website


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Disabled Traveller at a pleasant store


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Assistance Dog - Visual, Walking Aid, Wheelchair, Powerchair, Mobility Scooter, Speech Impairment, Autism, Learning Disability


What a pleasant visit to a very nice store. It has a large car park (photo 1) with four disabled bays right by entrance. The area is flat and easy for wheelchair to get inside the courtyard (photo 2). Through the brick paved attractive courtyard , a double automatic door leads out towards the garden centre (photo 3), and it’s an easy push along. (photo 4) shows wide, open spaces out in the garden area, but some of the flagstones are very uneven, but no problems for us. Good selection of plants and all looked well after. Wide paths led you to the stoneware goods (photo 5) with bird baths, pots, troughs etc. The pathway led us into the indoor section of the store (photo 6) with wide doorway and easy access. Again inside the wide spaces allowed us to get around on a stone flagged floor (photo 7) which held barbecue displays, and cane furniture and baskets. Leaving the garden centre, over paved level slabs and brickwork pathways (photo 8) You enter the courtyard again. (photo 9). Now we see the entrance to the Coppice shopping area (photo 10) which holds homeware items. First is the jewellery department (photo 11) again with wide spaces to be able to move. (photo 12) had a nice selection and mix of general homeware, I.e artificial flowers, vases, bowls and bits and pieces. Departing (photo 13) at the far end of the store, we reached the disabled toilet (photo 14). It’s cleanliness was outstanding, pull cords and grab rails (photo 15). Alongside was a delightful restaurant named the “Fig and Olives” (photo 16) very wide and easy entrance. We found a lovely coffee shop and bar (photo 17) and we enjoyed our coffee break (photo 18) with plenty of room for our wheelchair. There is a large very popular restaurant divided into two sections (photo 19) both attractively laid out with wooden tables and chairs (photo 20). Our final thoughts A throughly enjoyable visit. A well laid out garden centre, and the department store was fascinating to browse through, though a bit expensive. The restaurant is extremely popular, and we strongly recommend booking early for breakfast and lunch time. Coffee break is a must, even if you don.t plan to eat there. A good hour or so can be spent enjoying these facilities, and we really do recommend you visiting when in the Sutton Coldfield area. Top marks for the way they have thought of disabled visitors, don’t miss it.

Transport & Parking


Large car park, Four disabled bays near to entrance, with an easy push across paved pathways. Everything is on the level.



Wide open clean spaces make this place a delight to visit for a disabled person, lots of thought and care by management for us. We found no steps or stairs to worry us, and we saw everything we needed to see. For seating, use the delightful coffee shop.



Wide door to let you in, easy clean floor area, all chairs will cope well here. It had grab rails and pull cord. Thank you very much to management for thinking about disabled people.



All were very pleasant and helpful, finding time for quick chat, even though they were busy, it’s all part and parcel of this delightful store.

Anything else you wish to tell us?

We whole heartedly give this store top 5* marks, the management have thought very carefully about our needs, and we wish them all the best for their efforts for us all. Do visit if you are ever in the area of Sutton Coldfield.


1 large car park 2 easy access 3 entrance to garden centre 4 plant selection 5 wide paths for stoneware 6 indoor department 7 wide areas for barbaqua items 8 depart over slabs 9 enter courtyard for shop 10 enter 11 jewellery dept. 13 depart at far end 14 disabled toilet door 15 clean wide toilet 16 fig and olive entry 17 coffee shop and bar 18 wheelchair area 19 two sections for restaurant 20 pleasant restaurant

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