Glenshee Ski Centre Glenshee Ski Centre

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Glenshee Ski Centre

Old Military Road, Ballater, AB35 5XU, United Kingdom | 01339 741320 | Website

Great people and good skiing


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Fantastic scenery, very helpful staff, a good experience but toilets could be better. We arrived mid morning , showed blue badge and were directed to the car park near the cafe and offices etc. All the staff were really helpful, and made getting onto the lifts and tows fairly easy. I have a biski and my Dad helps me to ski. Toilets not good, no disabled toilet at the cafe up the slope near Plastic slope, and Dad said they were not good either being over used and not checked. The disabled toilet at the cafe by the car park was ok but agree a changing place would be fantastic, as it takes me longer to get ready, and in the wind it is not fun. Skiing was good and other skiers and borders were really friendly. DSUK contacts gave advice about area to ski.

Transport & Parking


Blue badge got us nearer the main part.



Fine by car, but do not know of other ways to get there.



Functional but only the one



Really helpful

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You will need help to get on tows etc, but people were very friendly

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