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Harbour Heights Hotel

Haven Road, Poole, BH13 7LW, United Kingdom | 0800 484 0048 | Website


Not accessible as advertised


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Wheelchair


Despite claiming to be accessible the hotel fails in this respect. The lift, hallways and doorways to rooms and bathrooms are extremely narrow, making it difficult to manoevre wheelchairs. The hotel offered a replacement wheelchair, however were not aware that there are individual needs per person, i.e. a random standard chair cannot fit all, or be comfortable or safe for all. The bed was so high from the ground that safe transferral from wheelchair to bed was prevented. As the room was unsuitable, alternative accommodation had to be sought. The hotel refused to offer a refund despite not being able to provide services to an acceptable standard. This left us without a place to stay as multiple hotels in the area and beyond were fully booked. Finding alternative accessible accommodation proved impossible. This hotel is not accessible or understanding or informed about accessibility needs.

Transport & Parking


The hotel was at the top of a steep hill and was not the most easy to manoevre a wheelchair user in.



Lift, bathroom and bedroom doorways were too narrow and almost entirely precluded access. The bed was too high off the ground to allow safe transfer from wheelchair to bed.



Severe lack of space.



Efforts to assist were marred by a lack of understanding. An offer was made to use a different room with the doors removed from the bathroom to enable better access, but this still would not change the dimensions of the doorway itself. When the time came to leave the situation due to poor safety standards (risk of fall) the hotel refused a refund.

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This was a distressing and stressful experience which left us with no accommodation for the night. Do not go here.

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