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Colquhoun Square, Helensburgh, G84 8AQ, United Kingdom



Centre of Helensburgh


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Sitting beside the river Clyde, and less than an hour's travel from Glasgow, you'll find the town of Helensburgh. This review just looks at Colquhoun Square - the central square of the town, and the area of seafront/promenade (Clyde St), just down from it.

Transport & Parking


Helensburgh Central Train Station is located within the town, next to the shops etc and is only two streets along from Colquhoun Square. Trains link directly to both Glasgow and Edinburgh. There are local buses. The nearest car park is the pier car park - there are marked disabled bays at the top of the car park (near where the swimming pool is). If you don't have a blue badge, it is worth knowing that you have to pay for standard parking in the top half of the car park...but parking is free if you go to the bottom of the carpark! There is also street parking, with some marked disabled bays. Most streets have time limits of how long you can be parked there.



Colquhoun Square has been renovated in recent years and is supposed to convey an open 'cafe' style - meaning it is all paved and flat, with borders of flowers and plenty of seating. A road goes through the square, but it is level with the paving, there are some bollards, but no kerbs etc. For wheelchair access, this is excellent, as all smooth and easy to get around. However, if you are visually impaired (or have young children with you), it can be confusing as it can be difficult to tell where the road is. If you come directly down Colquhoun Street, you reach Clyde Street/the seafront (and where the pier car park is). This route is paved, with a traffic light crossing, 'bumpy' paving (to indicate crossing) and lowered pavement. If going along beside the water, and turning West (walking away from the car park) the flat pavement is continuous for the length of Helensburgh. Many people stroll the mile or so towards Kidston Park (there is a children's playpark there too) ...though you can keep going to Rhu if you're really keen! Again this is ideal if you are using a wheelchair having wide flat pavements. But if you are visually impaired it may not always be that clear where the edge of the pavement is - though the texture of the ground does change slightly. Nearer the town, there is not a wall or fence at the 'Clyde' edge of the pavement, with a drop down to the beach/water beside you. As you go further west, there is a wall/fence. It is mostly a shingle beach, with patches of sand here and there. Mostly it is step access to the beach, but there are ramps a couple of places. There are benches frequently along the length of the street.



There is an accessible toilet (and standard toilets) at the top of the pier - just beside the carpark. The accessible toilet can be opened only with a radar key. I did not use this, so cannot detail further.




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There are occassionally events on in the Square, Christmas Market, Food Market etc. Get an ice cream or bag of chips for your walk along!


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