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Highland Liliums

10 Loaneckheim, Beauly, IV4 7JQ, United Kingdom | 01463 741698 | Website


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Enchanted Gardens Part 2.



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After our previous experience visiting Highland Liliums, I was keen to make a return visit, especially with a view to supporting them during Covid 19 times. I’m glad to say I was still very impressed with access and the staff were really supportive, helpful and generous with their time. Apart from all that, the whole garden had a really magical feel, especially with the mists and the gorgeous autumn colours and I will be back soon hopefully.

Transport & Parking


The car park is on site and even has a generosity box for fresh eggs if you want them; although there are no specific disabled spaces, it’s so quiet out there that you wouldn’t have any problem accessing a space, and if you did, I’m sure the staff would try to find you a parking space. As it's in the country, you would have to drive or take a bus to the next village of Kiltarlity but it's a bit too far to walk or wheel if you have mobility difficulties.



It was really easy to access all the plants as there are both smooth and gravel pathways as well as ramps to access the shop, entrance and covered area. There are benches located in the covered area too if you need to sit down. Plants were mostly at a height that I could see easily from my chair.



There are no disabled toilets on site yet; with Covid 19, everyone’s plans have been on hold but there are plans to build a tearoom with disabled toilets in the near future if possible.



The staff were lovely, helpful, respectful, friendly and kind. They made me feel totally at ease to wander their beautiful gardens.

Anything else you wish to tell us?

Staff were very careful to socially distance from us. There were hand sanitisers at the entrance and although I didn’t go inside the shop, they also had them in there too. They helped us access the trees we wanted without having to go into the actual shop and sanitised the booklet we had to look at before laying it down on a covered area outside for us. They didn’t make us feel that we were making a fuss and they couldn’t have been more helpful as regards payment; we could have paid without going inside the shop.


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