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Intu Trafford Centre


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The Trafford Centre is a shopping centre for everyone, making for an excellent day out. It includes a variety of shops, with a wide range brands. The food court contains many different well known eat-in and take-out services. It's large in size with 2 floors of shops and 2 floors separate in the food hall. It being a main shopping centre, it's guaranteed to get busy.

Transport & Parking


On arrival at the intu Trafford Centre we were in a car. The route can get busy especially in rush hour traffic therefore it's worth considering the times of travel. There is plenty of parking, all which is free. Disabled parking spaces are positioned by the lift and there are many of them, especially if arrival time is earlier in the day.



There were many steps enabling people to explore upstairs and downstairs in the shopping centre. The steps had two lanes for those going up and for those going down and were certainly spacious. On this particular day the lift was out of order which could be particularly inconvenient, there were no signs to where the nearest lift was from that point either.



The toilets were of a high standard. They were spacious, clean and there was plenty of them. There was a disabled toilet which had plenty of room and grab rails included.



Staff were helpful, cheerful and efficient from those working in shops, those around cleaning, to those in the food hall.

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Overall I would highly recommend experiencing intu Trafford Centre. I suggest it is most enjoyable when it is not too busy, and planning around peak rush hour travelling times.

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