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Kirroughtree Visitor Centre

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So Accessible!!


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Walking Aid, Wheelchair, Hidden Impairment, Speech Impairment, Autism


It's amazing! There is an accessable walk which is completely wheelchair accessible just a bit harder in some places but it's ok. The bird hide even had a cut out so you can actually get to the window more easily. The building and cafe is mostly accessable with cut outs so you can fit under the till to pay and see what to eat. The maps don't have braille but one of them is tactile. All the staff wore masks and there is hand sanitizer at every entrance. The disabled toilets are locked so you need a RADAR key or ask a member of staff. I've attached photos of what it looks like. But there is a shower, two emergency cords, hospital bed, toilet with arm supports and hand free flushing, an adjustable sink (it has a control thing so you can make it go up or down) a foldable partition so you can have privacy if you need a carer and a lifting sling if you can't use your legs but need the shower. It has a lot of room to move around too.

Transport & Parking


You need a car or bike to get there but there is disabled parking that is free. You have to pay for normal parking.





Very clean and lots of space to manoeuvre and there is grab rails and the emergency cord touched the ground. There was a shower as well. I think there was plenty of room for a carer but I don't have one.



They were very friendly and they spoke to me like a person (I'm a wheelchair user so often people think I can't speak for myself.) The bike shop staff were really helpful and helped me find a pair of wheelchair gloves.

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All the staff wore masks and there was hand sanitizer everywhere


Picture of a red squirrel at a feeder Picture of a hoist Picture of a sink and grabrail Picture of an accessible toilet Picture of the hospital bed in the accessible toilet

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