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City Centre, Paris, 75001, France | Website


Reviewer of the Year - 2015

Sanisettes - over 400 free wheelchair accessible public loos


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Wheelchair


The provision for wheelchair users is basic but adequate, and the fact that there are plenty of sanisettes means that, in the city centre, you are never too far from one.

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Access is by pushing a button and the button is located at a manageable .height for a wheelchair user. The door opens automatically and closes and locks automaticallynonce you are inside. To unlock and open the door once you have finished there are buttons at a sensible height with clear pictograms on them. There is also a red handle with which you can manually open the door if the mechanism isn't working. This too is at a sensible height, thiugh we didn't need to use it and can't comment on how easy it is to operate.



The only reason that SanIsettes get four stars rather than five is that there is is a grab rail only on one side of the toilet. There's plenty of room to side transfer, the loo paper is easily accessible and so is the washbasin.



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There's an interactive map of the locations of Sanisettes at https://www.paris.fr/services-et-infos-pratiques/environnement-et-espaces-verts/proprete/les-sanisettes-2396#carte-des-sanisettes_4 and the website also gives further details about these loos. There's information and instructions in braille and also audio and the instructions on the outside are in English as well as French. The Sanisettes self-clean and disinfect between uses.


Venue Les Sanisettes, Paris Venue Les Sanisettes, Paris Venue Les Sanisettes, Paris

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