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National Bubblecar Museum

Main Road, Boston, PE22 7AW, United Kingdom | 01205 280037 | Website


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Flat access, easy viewing for short visit.


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An hour well spent if you like micro cars / bubble cars.

Transport & Parking


Parking on a flat surface next to the door - it's the sort of museum you won't have to fight through the crowds to get into or for parking! It's out in the countryside so I don't think you can arrive by bus.



All but a few exhibits on the level access in a single room. A video constantly plays to show you what is upstairs. There is one route around the exhibit - following short pile carpet with rope barriers either side. You can not touch the cars but there are smells of petrol/oil/ 'shed', 'dust' and 'hanger' to take it! Printer booklet describing the car's history. Accessible toilet and tea room.



Poked our head into the accessible toilet. Definitely had a support rail on the wall side to the left and transfer space on the right which was not obstructed. We would have managed with a manual lift/drag.



Average - it's a small museum with just one person on the counter (which is also the counter for the cafe/gift shop).

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It was a little cold and dusty but interesting with good light. The team room served tea and ploughman's only - but spacious. Easy for people to pass me on the way around - wide walkway.


Viewing area to the cars

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