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Newmarket Street, Hereford, HR4 9HR, United Kingdom | 01432264109 | Website
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Perfect in every way...


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Wheelchair, PMLD


Two lifts to access the 1st floor where the Changing Places (CP) facilities are located. Radar key entrance door, key can also be accessed by contacting the Management suite via an intercom.

Transport & Parking


I accessed the site on foot as I came by train. So not applicable. This Market has been redeveloped with all the ships that you would find on the high street and retail park. Subsequently parking is not free and I could see parking meters.



The CP facilities are accessible via two lifts that look like they serve Waitrose. Its a new retail park where everything is on level access. Being Summer 2019 there were lots of deckchairs and seating enticements as well as standard street furniture seating without backs.



There are two accessible toilets and the CP toilets. I followed the signs that were clearly marked and directed me to the toilets on the first floor where the management suite can be found. I did not take much notice of the two accessible toilets however as the CP toilets were at a very high standard I would expect that they would be as well. In the Changing Places toilet there was: Bench - Height Adjustable, Adult Sized, Wall Mounted Hoist - Ceiling Toilet Washbasin Height Adjustable Emergency Alarms Privacy Screen



I noticed plenty of staff about the retail complex. There was duty cleaner hovering near by as well as obvious security staff. The intercom puts you straight through to the Control room.

Anything else you wish to tell us?

A very floral (positive kind) facilities. Smooth running hoist.


Height adjustable washhand basin.
Portable privacy screen.
Overhead hoist in corner on charge.
Nappy bin. Overhead hoist in corner on charge.
Nappy bin.
Toilet , with pressure switch flush mechanism.
Adult sized, height adjustable bench. Adult sized, height adjustable bench.
Two collapsible wheelchairs (stored?).

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