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Premier Inn Birmingham North Sutton Coldfield Hotel

Whitehouse Common Road, Sutton Coldfield, B75 6HD, United Kingdom | 0333 777 3912 | Website

Disabled Travellers disheartened visit to Premier inn


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Walking Aid, Wheelchair, Powerchair, Mobility Scooter


This is disappointing, as you may have felt that a visit to the royal town of Sutton Coldfield would hold out much expectation, and you would be met by an attractive hotel, but not so here, it’s rather dismal. There is a large car park available (photo 1) pot holes and in general need of tidying up. There are two disabled bays (photo 2) reasonably close to the entrance for hotel, but I had to back out a long way so as to turn to get out of main car park area. The overall view of the hotel from the outside is that this is just a typical budget hotel, and in need of maintenance work, although it looks as if some attempt has been made, but it just does not appeal. The entrance is a double pull handle door (photo 4). On the level, and it leads you to the reception desk (photo5) in an unappealing reception area, where you book in for your rooms. Facing you is the staircase for bedrooms (photo 6) but thankfully the disabled traveller will be put into a room on the ground floor (photo 7) as there are no lifts. However, there is only one disabled room available (photo 8) As with most Premier inns budget hotels, the restaurant is in a separate building and this one is inside the White Horse pub (photo 9). Entrance is via a side entrance and is on the level (photo 10) and it has just two disabled bays (photo 11). Then the entrance into the restaurant is on the level (photo 12) and you are greeted at the bar (photo 13). This leads to the restaurant area which is a mix and (attempted) match of table and chairs (photo 14) but there are quite a few tables available on the level ground (photo 15). A side entrance stands by the sports area (photo 16). Male and separate female toilets lie just inside, (photo 17) but no actual disabled toilet was seen, and then it’s just a typical budget toilet with not a lot of room for wheelchairs, certainly not in the Wc section, but it was nice and clean. (photo 18). Our final thoughts. Most off putting, unattractive budget hotel that needs cheering up, it’s just dismal, but it would be able to accept a disabled person. We personally would not be able to recommend this hotel, although the photos give the wrong impression of perhaps a nice place, the pictures hide a lot, and not only that, it’s not in an appealing area of Sutton Coldfield, and to far away from the main shopping centre of Sutton Coldfield, and this is a shame we have to speak this way about the area, as we were married, lived, worked and had our two daughters in Sutton Coldfield, but it was a much nicer town and area in those days. So you will gather that in no way would we be able to recommend you staying here, unless you really needed a budget hotel.

Transport & Parking


Although it’s a big car park, it has no appeal, cars are placed at the back of the complex, with just two difficult disabled parking bays.



It’s easy enough to get in with help of a carer, the hotel portion has two pull handled doors, then reasonable easy enough to move but not really enough space. There was no lift, but ground floor rooms available, with just one disabled room.



Just typical budget toilets, not a lot of room in there, but clean and tidy.



Only met one member of staff, to early for business, but he was very friendly and helpful, and also met just one young lady in restaurant as the pub was not really opened just then.


1 main car park 2 just two disabled bays 3 Premier inn hotel 4 entrance 5 small reception desk 6 stairs to bedroom 7 entrance for ground floor rooms 8 just one disabled room 9 the White Horse pub 10 side entrance 11 it has 4 disabled bays 12 entrance on the level Picture of a bar 14 mix and match chairs 15 on the level 16 sports hall 17 toilets 18 wc area

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