Ria de Bilbao Maritime Museum Ria de Bilbao Maritime Museum

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Ria de Bilbao Maritime Museum

1 Ramón de la Sota Kaia, Bilbao, 48011, Spain | +34 946 08 55 00 | Website


Tour for visually impaired visitors


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I visited the Maritime Museum as a sighted guide with Travel Eyes, the travel company which pairs sighted and visually impaired travellers. Unlike our visit to the Guggenheim (see review) , our visit to the Maritime Museum took place during ordinary opening hours but the museum wasn't at all busy. Entry for visually impaired visitors is discounted and we were given our own guide who not only gave a general tour which he adapted to our needs, but also finished off with a tailored activity for the whole group. Nothing was too much trouble for our guide to explain. He was clearly experienced working with visually impaired groups,, pointing out tactile elements of the exhibits, and disappearing every now and then to find a handling object - including a ship's wheel! He factored in resting points where we would sit while he explained more of Bilbao's trading and shipping history, passing round objects to illustrate his words. He lifted barriers to enable visitors to touch exhibits and finished the tour with a knot making activity which everyone enjoyed. Our guide spoke good English which made the tour easier all round. The tours aren't widely advertised, but are available on request - as it was included in our trip I'm not sure of the price. A measure of how absorbed and interested we were, was the fact that the two hours flew by and we were all surprised to find it was after 6pm when we finished.

Transport & Parking


We walked from our hotel but generally Bilbao is easy to get around. Trams are accessible and frequent and pavements are broad and generally level. The museum is sited under the Palacio Euskalduna bridge near the dry docks and can be difficult to find the entrance.



Access into the museum is on the level and lift access to the other floors.





Very welcoming and helpful.

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Often overlooked, this museum tells the story of Bilbao's industrial past and the adapted tour really brought this to life for v.i. visitors.


coils of rope in the maritime museum knot tying activity Tour for visually impaired visitors Tour for visually impaired visitors

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