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Roman Forum

Via della Salara Vecchia, 5/6, Rome, 00186 Roma, Italy | +39 06 0608


Food Lover - Course 5

Ancient ruins


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While there is very little information about the actual historical sites here, there is a decent amount of signage about accessibility. There were some surprising additions, including stair lifts into dark ruins, but in general most of the accessible parts are at lower elevations (which is where the most interesting parts happen to be!).

Transport & Parking


The Roman Forum is very close to the Metro stop at the Colosseum. There are also plenty of places where a taxi could drop you off near the entrance.



Access is generally very mixed. The Forum is quite hilly and can be steep in places, but they have signs with colour (and shape) coded paths to differentiate between difficult and easy routes. There are also features such as platform lifts and stair lifts where access isn't level. The ground surface isn't particularly smooth, but the signs help to direct you. There are various places to sit throughout the Forum, and if it's too much for you I believe a ticket lasts two days so you can always come back.



Unfortunately I didn't see any signs for toilets during this visit, so I didn't investigate further.



Staff at the ticket office were friendly. I didn't see many staff in the grounds, mostly tour groups.

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The Roman Forum is quite exposed to sunlight, so you might prefer to avoid midday when it's really hot. If you didn't want to go inside the Forum, you can get an excellent view of it from Via dei Fori Imperiali which is the main road leading up to the Colosseum.


Colour and symbol coded signage. Photo of the Forum. Photo of the Forum. Ramps to fill in steps. Sign to easy access route. Platform lift. Photo of the Forum. Photo of the Forum. Photo of the Forum. Photo of the Forum. Photo of the Forum.

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